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How does a portable wifi signal jammer increase the coverage of shielded signals?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-15

After purchasing a portable wifi signal jammer, some customers are very enthusiastic and quickly put the shielding device into actual combat missions, but sometimes feedback some information: the coverage of the shielding signal is a little too small. And after changing to a different working environment, I feel that the shielding distance of the shielded signal is relatively large in some scenarios, and relatively small in some scenarios. Ask us what is going on?

First of all, the transmit power of the portable wifi jammer itself is fixed. That is to say, the strength of the shielded signal it emits is relatively stable, and it will not fluctuate. The error of the wall obstacle, etc., will directly affect the effective shielding distance of the shielded signal.

wireless signal jammer

Secondly, the placement of the portable wifi signal jammer is also critical. Since the height of its main box is about 70cm, its antenna is directly screwed on the main box, that is to say, if the portable signal wifi frequency jammer is placed directly on the ground, the height of its transmitting antenna is generally not more than 1 Meter. To improve the coverage of shielded signals, the easiest way is to increase the height of the antenna from the ground. When the height of the antenna increases, the effective shielding distance of the shielded signal will be greatly increased.

So, what are the heights of increasing the antenna? We suggest that users should observe the terrain and topography first, and try to choose the highest position to place the portable wifi signal jammer. Or use some desktops, steps or buildings, etc., try to use these positions to increase the height of the portable wifi jammer device.

There is another way: you can choose our company's antenna bracket, connect the antenna of the portable wireless wifi bluetooth jammer to the host through a 3-meter-long feeder, and install the antenna on the bracket. Our customized antenna bracket can connect the antenna Stand up to a height of 3 meters.

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