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WiFi jammers can also protect WiFi networks

Admin Posted on 2020-10-28

There are a lot of devices connected to various networks in our home. There are network devices, storage devices and wireless network printers. Using WIFI, you can connect your home theater equipment to the Internet. Without WIFI connection, you will rarely encounter electronic devices such as Blu-ray, DVD or TV players. The same is true for playground equipment. Almost all gaming devices and consoles on the market require an online connection. Therefore, wifi jammer has become an important tool for protecting WiFi networks.

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In jammer-mart stores, we like the idea of ​​using innovative technologies to improve functionality. Many old computers in my house are connected to the Internet. In the past, I was referring to old names like Amiga 500, Atari Computers and Commodore64. I always combine new technologies to change existing technologies and their functions.

There is no doubt that there is more responsibility in the things that have great power. However, this idea does not belong to the current suppliers of consumer goods. They did not pay special attention to adding new features to existing products. I am looking for equipment myself. I looked at some devices connected to the home network. The result completely shocked me. After a few minutes, I damaged many devices. They have become zombie machines. Bypass all headers to easily access files on some storage devices that I have never accessed. Currently, we must use wifi bluetooth blocker.

Can I stop the driver from calling? A new jammer from an Indian engineer can turn off the driver’s phone while the driver continues to talk or text, so the driver can make a decision. According to Smithsonian, the system uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to determine whether the driver is trying to use a mobile phone in a moving car. This will cause the jammer to turn off the driver's phone. This is more effective than a smartphone application that needs to be installed on the criminal's phone.

Russia’s advanced jamming technology and electronic warfare capabilities are well known. The conflict in eastern Ukraine involved separatists supported by Russia, who benefited from Russia’s capabilities and support. The Ukrainian Armed Forces gave the US military a unique understanding of Russia's capabilities.

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