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How do students' mobile phones block WiFi signals before exams?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-15

As a semester is coming to an end, each school is about to prepare for the final exam. Some school teachers and parents are worried that their children will be addicted to playing mobile phones and affect the school. They are concerned about how to block WiFi signals or block mobile phone signals at the same time, so that students can Get out of the state of playing with the phone. So, in schools or at home, what types of wifi signal jammers should you choose to solve these problems?

We all know that there are only two sources of mobile phone traffic used by children. One is the various packages and data traffic packages that parents handle for the mobile phone itself, and the other is from the WiFi signal in the environment. How to block WiFi signal and block mobile phone signal? Using the wifi signal blocker, it can start to work when it is powered on, and it can block the WiFi signal and also complete the synchronization effect of blocking the mobile phone signal. The signal grid on the children's mobile phones will show zero grid. In this state, the mobile phones can browse web pages, videos and play games online without internet access.

Portable wifi signal jammer

wireless signal jammer

EO08007US type signal jammer, 8 band portable WiFi jammer for wifi signal jammer and interference, WiFi frequency jammer. The handheld design determines that it is not too heavy, so compact and portable is one of its main features. In addition, all internal circuits are designed to optimize performance and reduce battery consumption, ensuring long working hours. As the jamming device with the largest number of handheld antennas in the jammer market, it can achieve a wide range of jamming frequencies and shielding distances, and the maximum jamming radius can reach 30 meters. Teachers and parents don't need to worry about using a dual-band WiFi router or amplifier. The shielding of mobile phone signals is also full-standard and full-band, that is, whether children's mobile phones use 2G, 3G or 4G, 5G, they will all be blocked.

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