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Advantages of wireless wifi signal jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-12

In some confidential places, as long as you wear a mobile communication device, whether it is used or not, as long as it is in a standby state, it is possible to leak secrets and cause harm to units or individuals. The most serious is that in some cases, it has become a tool for some criminals, which has a negative impact on social stability.

Faced with the above problems, the wireless signal shielding system that interferes with mobile communication equipment has emerged as a new measure to prevent information leakage and cheating. It provides security for the stability of school examination rooms, conference rooms, prisons and judicial places. Assure!

wifi jammer

With the development of society and the advancement of technology, the requirements for wireless signal shielding systems are also increasing. So what are the advantages of wireless wifi signal jammer compared to traditional mobile phone signal jammers?

①Through the network remote control, the shield can be turned on or off with one key.

② The user can freely set the working time of each working period according to the actual use needs.

③It can report the working status to the intelligent shielding management system in real time, and users can check the working status of each mobile phone signal jammer.

④The fault will be automatically alarmed and communicated to the user as soon as possible.

⑤Maintenance and repair are very convenient. You can know the current operating status of the equipment only through the icon color of the mobile phone signal jammer in the intelligent shielding management system platform.

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