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Precautions for installation of wifi singal jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-07-30

With the rapid development of modern communication technology, technology and security enterprises must keep pace with the times and continuously develop and strengthen their own strength to meet various challenges. The high popularity of mobile phones not only brings convenience to people, but also brings new problems to communication security and confidentiality work. Events such as eavesdropping, leaking secrets, cheating in examination rooms, and gas station explosions have occurred one after another, which has accelerated the promotion of wireless signal jammer and use. It is mainly used in examination rooms, prisons, gas stations, detention centers, interrogation rooms, etc. With the increasing use of wireless signal jammers in social life, some people have greatly reduced their shielding performance due to irregular installation and use. Therefore, the following installation and use points need to be familiar to everyone.

wireless signal blocker

1. Before installing the wireless signal blocker, you should first understand the orientation of the base station, and try to make it follow the direction of the base station as much as possible.

2. When installing the equipment, pay attention to whether there are metal objects around the machine to avoid signal reflection and affect the shielding effect.

3: The installation height is preferably between 1.8-2.5 meters. The wireless internet blocker can be placed directly on the table or installed on the wall.

Fourth, the omnidirectional antenna should be perpendicular to the ground, and the directional antenna should be tilted forward.

5. If the signal jammer is installed indoors, it is necessary to increase the number of installed radio frequency jammer.

6:Understand the on-site signal strength and make reasonable matching for different signals

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