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Can the shielding signal of the wifi signal jammer achieve accurate coverage?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-15

When consulting and purchasing our wifi signal jammer, many people put forward special requirements for the environment of use, such as requiring that the shielding signal be limited to an area with a radius of 5 meters, or that the shielding signal can only be limited to a small area. In the room, outside the door or behind a wall, it must be ensured that the signal shielding device is not affected at all. So, in the face of such a requirement, that is to say, to make the shielded signal achieve accurate coverage, can this be achieved?

It is a pity that the various types of wifi frequency jammer produced now, whether it is a low-power type or a high-power signal jammer cannot achieve such an extremely accurate coverage.

wifi bluetooth wireless signal jammer

The reasons are manifold, including but not limited to:

1. There are many types of mobile phone systems. When the wifi jammer device is turned on, the effective distance of the shielding is different for mobile phones of different standards, and the mobile phone itself will also be switched in different formats;

2. The transmission power of the shielding signal emitted by the signal jammer is relatively stable. However, in the on-site environment, the signals received from the surrounding mobile phone base stations are not stable. The signals of some base stations are sometimes strong and sometimes weak, and the mobile phone sometimes switches between different base stations;

3. The shielding signal belongs to a kind of radio wave. The transmission characteristics of the radio wave emitted by the wifi signal jammer also determine that it is impossible to achieve precise control at the "meter" level. The radio wave is in the process of transmission and diffusion. A gradual decay process, it is impossible to achieve "one size fits all", and it will directly decay to zero when it reaches a specified distance.

4. Even if it is separated by a wall, the error degree of the shielding signal emitted by the signal shielding device is different for different wall materials. For example, a partition wall such as a wood board can almost ignore the attenuation of the shielded signal.

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