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Scrambling car gps

Many data centers with servers running these networks are located in warehouse areas (frequently trucks are in and out) or near major highways. These are the two most likely locations for GPS jammer. In fact, our experience and practical examples in Orolia show that this situation not only occurs, but also occurs relatively frequently.

With this in mind, Orolia has developed solutions to protect our customers. In the second half of last year, we announced the release of BroadShield, which uses sophisticated algorithms to query the RF signals consumed by GPS receivers and detect abnormal situations such as interference or deception. Recently, we released a new anti-jamming antenna (AJ).

The new AJ antenna can attenuate or block RF signals from the horizon. The real signal comes from satellites near the zenith. The false interference usually comes from the horizon.

A good way to imagine how it works is to straighten your arms, parallel to either side of the floor, and then lift it so that it is at a 30-degree angle to the floor. If GPS antennas are to be installed on the roof of the data center, any RF signals from under the armpits will be blocked. Since the number one source of interference comes from people trying to evade fleet management tracking systems-in cars, trucks or on the ground-AJ antennas are a very effective way to protect critical networks.