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Gps disruptor app for iphone

Details of this handheld optional GPS 4G signal jammer. This handheld GPS 4G signal jammer is designed with 4800mA/h, and it can work continuously for about 2 hours when the signal jammer is fully charged. In addition to the shielding function of this GPS 3G 4G mobile phone jammer, it also has powerful functions because it can shield the signals of 3G 4G mobile phones, GPSL1, GPSL2, GPSL5, etc. when needed. In addition to the optional buttons, users of this portable high-capacity battery 4G GPS jammer can also decide to shield the frequency band, which is very convenient.

More importantly, this GPS 3G 4G jammer equipped with a high-capacity battery is also designed with a good heat dissipation system, and the on-board charger also makes this jammer easy to use in the car. Therefore, the shielding distance of this handheld jammer is up to 15 meters, depending on the signal strength of the detailed location. In addition, the high-quality cooling system can also make this handheld signal jammer in good working condition.