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A Personal GPS disruptor is a device that hides the movement of individuals and cars by transmitting radio signals of the same frequency as the GPS device. When the GPS disruptor is working, the GPS device will not be able to determine its position due to signal blocking interference.

The GPS jammer also called GPS tracker disruptor, it relies on a small, self-contained battery-powered signal that transmits over a small radius. This type of technology can be purchased on the Internet for hundreds or even tens of dollars. Because they can prevent the recording of vehicle movements, they are very popular for drivers who do not want to be tracked by electronic espionage to deal with trucks.

High Quality Powerful Drone Jammer Blocking Wifi 2.4G 5.1G 5.8G

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Portable Hand-held GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

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Mini USB GPS Jammers U Disk Easy Carry Hidden


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