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Mobile gps network scrambler

There are a large number of signal jammers on the market now, including handheld styles. But getting high-tech designs in a reliable online store, while having high-quality and inexpensive signal jammers is not a simple matter. And for many people who need a handheld GPS jammer, they will also save working time when using battery power, and hope that the handheld signal jammer has a longer working time. If so, this high-capacity battery GPS 4G mobile phone jammer can meet the requirements of many people.

With people’s requirements for shielding frequency bands, shielding distances and wanting to shield several frequency bands at the same time, many handheld multi-function signal jammers that can cut off 2 or 3 signals have been invented and are widely used in the market. Here The "high-capacity battery handheld optional GPS 3G 4G mobile jammer" to be launched adopts a high-capacity battery design that can shield multiple signals at the same time.