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Gps signal location disruptor

This handheld multifunctional signal jammer is named "5-antenna handheld 3G 34 mobile phone and GPS signal jammer", then you can look at the basic information of this handheld multifunctional signal jammer, you will soon I know that the mobile phone signals that this handheld GPS mobile phone jammer can block are CDMA GSM DCS PCS 4G, and it can also block 3 of the 5 GPS tracking frequency bands, which are GPSL1, GPSL2 and GPSL5. Therefore, this handheld GPS mobile phone jammer can block 8 frequency bands of mobile phones and GPS signals at the same time, with a shielding range of up to 15 meters. Therefore, if you want to take it out, you only need to fully charge the rechargeable battery, and then it will continue to work for about 60 minutes. For those who want to use it in the car, the car charger specially designed for this mobile phone and GPS jammer provides you with great convenience, allowing you to use it directly in the car. Therefore, this handheld GPS 4G mobile phone shielding machine has a good heat dissipation system and can always maintain a good working condition without temperature problems.

If so, once you use this handheld GPS mobile phone jammer, you can get a quiet environment so that you can pay full attention to reading, enjoy a good sleep and enjoy movies without being disturbed by mobile phone calls and so on.