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Build your own gps disruptor

The Global Positioning System uses orbiting satellites to send radio signals to GPS receivers to determine location through triangulation. By triangulation, a method of measuring three individual points to calculate the position. GPS can be used in handheld devices such as smart phones, including in vehicle navigation and positioning systems and small GPS tracking devices. In addition to determining geographic location, GPS also provides a key dimension-time. Today, GPS has become an indispensable part of multiple industries such as communications, power and utilities, finance, emergency services, and transportation. In addition, many other devices rely on positioning systems to some extent.

How does the jammer block the GPS signal?

GPS jammers were originally developed for military organizations and spy agencies to confuse the enemy's exact location or ensure that the enemy's GPS-guided missiles/bombs did not hit the target. In recent years, civilians have searched for these devices for privacy reasons. However, most civilians lack the technical knowledge to operate these devices. The GPS jammer sends noise at the same frequency as the satellite to ensure that the receiver cannot receive the signal. Depending on the transmission strength of the jammer, this may interfere with GPS reception for several meters, miles or even longer distances.