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Tracking disturbance prevent Vehicle signal

When we bought second-hand cars in the second-hand market, we all know that such vehicles are basically equipped with positioners. Even some new cars are basically equipped with GPS locators in the case of installment payments. This is because banks and Some safeguards made by 4S stores.

There are two types of positioners, one is wiring and the other is wiring. The positioner of the wiring, the installation position is relatively fixed, generally under the instrument panel, under the front and rear windshield, below the rear seat... are very common installation locations, follow these places to find out if there is any. In short, the place to find the cable is right.

If you don't need wiring, it's hard to find it. It's possible anywhere in the car. Just find a place to fix it and start positioning work. It's hard to find. Some people may think of using professional tools to detect and find out, to be honest, it is also very difficult, because the non-wired positioner is working regularly, and may work once a day or a few days.

For the used car we bought, or the new car bought in full, in order to prevent them from being tracked, we can use a GPS jammer to disturbance the Vehicle tracking signal within a certain range and for a certain period of time, thus preventing vehicle tracking.

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