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Wireless network signal disruptor

Appendino, the new mayor of Turin, is a member of the five-star sports festival that values the environment and health. Last week, he said that he wants children to know the benefits of eating vegetarian food as a child. Reduce environmental pollution caused by snacks to livestock.

In terms of policy direction, Appendino added that electromagnetic is also a kind of pollution, so public, elementary and government schools in the city will not have WiFi. But the city will ensure that the city has high-speed broadband access.

Previously, the city of Tifria, 51 kilometers north of the city, had switched to wired Internet access in the city for wireless health.

Of course, students can object to how difficult it is to ban WIFI. However, if you make a Faraday cage or use a wifi jammer, the response may be reduced. Faraday cages can be installed in classrooms and teaching areas, as well as destructive equipment, so as not to affect students' use of WIFI.