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UK Police Chief Gavin Thomas recently claimed that convicted hackers should wear radio jammers to replace incarceration to ensure they cannot connect to the internet. Thomas said this was the right way to punish hackers and save a lot of money every year. English prison inmates currently spend an average of £ 38,000 a year, while cellular interference is much cheaper.

Additionally, Gavin believes that hackers, often jailed for many years and often incarcerated, but carrying a wireless network of wireless jammers, can be deprived of the rights of the internet while ensuring self-awareness and peace of mind

Thomas admitted that installing wifi jammer in convicted hackers could be an obstacle, and some human rights groups have suggested taking steps to prevent penalties. In addition, wireless network jammers can effectively prevent hackers from stealing the network in order to steal other information. However, intelligent hackers should use other ways to surf the Internet, such as: B. Internet cards and routers for Internet connection.