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How to jam bluetooth

Now with the development of jammers, versatile signal jammers now isn't difficult, if you want to get cell phones with the wifi jammer and at the same time jammers, what can you do about it now? In our shop you can buy what you need is a jammer.

This versatile high-performance cell phone blocker jammer WiFi telephone described here is called "with adjustable desk phone WiFi signal blocker remote control", which is a desktop occluder signal, the output power can be adjusted by applying the output power, so each band can be controlled individually or together be in such a way. Thus, only one machine interference, a mobile phone and GPS functions were perfectly combined, since the interference band is a WiFi, CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS and 3G 4G and all TX frequencies. In addition, when the operator is not near the device to open and close the device, it also has a remote control to turn designed or turn off the device.