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How to detect wifi scrambler

Wifi jammer Installation Instructions and Methods: Remove the shielded jammer from the packaging and screw the antenna into the appropriate antenna board, otherwise it will be invalid. The shielding hood is hung on the wall or in the appropriate place. The recommended installation height is 1-2 meters. First, make sure that the shield cover main body is fully charged, then turn on the switch and start working. Turn on the display. The protective cover is maintenance-free and maintenance-free. . Do not use chemical solvents to wipe the user interface of the interfering device and avoid inhalation. If you plan to use a wireless interference device, store it in a dry, well-ventilated place to avoid prolonged exposure to salt spray and harmful gases.

It is normal for the signal scrambler not to damage the machine after a long period of use. In the design, we use aluminum alloy wire drawing machine to heat. Therefore, various signal jamming devices such as 3G / 4G jammers can ensure long-term stable operation. Therefore, the machine will not damage the hot machine, and at the same time, the industry-standard integrated communication suppression device for switching power supply can ensure the stability of the signal!