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Verizon wifi scrambler houshold use

First of all, we need to know the frequency used by the wifi signal transmitting device, usually between 2400-2500 MHz. The mobile phone or computer receives the signal and completes the communication. According to the above working principle, wifi jammer usually consists of a power supply, an electronic scanning control unit, a segmented RF module unit, an amplifier unit and a transmitting antenna unit. The signal generator generates a sweep signal through the inverter, switches from the modulation of the oscillator to the working frequency band of mobile communication, and then controls the power through the amplification of the power amplifier and the voltage regulator tube. The amplified frequency sweep signal is then transmitted to the air in the form of radio waves. The scrambled signal forms a scrambled interference in the message signal received from the mobile phone. The mobile phone cannot receive the normal data sent by the wifi device, which prevents it from establishing a normal connection with the wifi device. Therefore, the mobile phone cannot search the signal of the network, the service system, etc., and the blocking effect is obtained.

The jamming power of any signal scrambler is fixed, and the protection radius of the unblocked space is determined by the path attenuation and the signal level of the receiving base station. For the wifi jammer to interfere with the network signal, you need to make sure that the signal field emitted by the jammer is greater than the signal strength of the mobile in the jamming area, the closer the jamming location is to the device transmitter, the better the effective interference effect. The further away you go, the more severe the effective interference effect.