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Bluetooth blocking wifi signal

WiFi is a very convenient way to share files, video and music at home and in the office. WiFi is also easy to set up and use in everyday life. But there is one major drawback. You can easily share your information with your friends and co-workers, but this information could also easily be stolen. To solve this problem wifi jammer was created. Due to WiFi blocker you can be sure that your data will be kept in privacy and secrecy and no one will use your data for their personal benefit. Such a blocker solves the problem of information stealing, but it's not the whole list of jamming benefits. It also helps you to keep your position in secrecy by blocking WiFi signals.

Jamming wireless networks is a trivial matter as they are designed to be extremely polite, giving all devices a chance to jump on. A wireless jammer takes advantage of this by flooding the network with noise so that no other device has a chance to get in. This can be useful for penetration testing from your own network or if you suspect that there are spy wireless cameras around your premises. WiFi Jammer is a simple application that anyone with a laptop and basic Linux knowledge can use. These type of applications must be used with caution, you must be careful not to be bothered with a network that is not yours or risk arrest.