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Scramble gps with tinfoil

Life without the Global Positioning System (GPS) is hard to imagine. The U.S. government satellite radio navigation system operated by the U.S. Air Force is used by government departments, the military, companies, and civilians to meet various needs from landing on the right plane to finding the nearest Thai restaurant.

Although the 24 orbiting satellites that keep GPS running may one day stop sending signals due to technical failures, the more likely threat to the function of the positioning system is interference technology. If a GPS attack occurs, critical infrastructure such as power grids and ATM networks will not function properly, and daily life may get out of control. In order to prevent this terrible situation from happening, experts have worked tirelessly for many years to find a reliable antidote to solve GPS jammer.

One such team is working in the implementation of communication systems in the aerospace sector and has developed BLISS (Blind Interference Signal Suppression) technology, which experts say is designed to counteract interference signals that may interfere with GPS reception.