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Plug in gps disruptor

When people have a need and need to use a signal shielding device outside, it is easy to carry it with them so as to meet their requirements and keep pace with technology and science as soon as possible. GPS jammer devices enter the market to help us. However, due to the continuous improvement of technology every day, people's needs have also been greatly improved. Now there is a need for handheld signal jammers that can simultaneously shield GPS signals, mobile phone signals and WiFi signals. Then handheld GPS WiFi 4G mobile phone jammers and other devices will soon appear, and help people who want to use handheld GPS WiFi 4G mobile phone jammers in their cars. Soon there will be some handheld cars using 4G GPS Bluetooth jammers already equipped with car charging Device.

This handheld GPS WiFi 4G mobile phone jammer is a multi-functional jammer, because it can not only cut off the signal of the mobile phone, GPS or Bluetooth, but it can also block the signal of the mobile phone, GPSL1 and Bluetooth at the same time. A total of 7 frequency bands can be cut off, up to a shielding radius of up to 15 meters, depending on the signal strength at a given location. Since the rechargeable battery is used as its power supply, it is easy to achieve the purpose of portability because of its small size and light weight. In addition to another convenient use of this GPS WiFi 4G mobile phone jammer, this three-in-one 4G GPS and Bluetooth jammer allows you to directly use the car charger to connect it to the car. Just turn on this portable shielding machine to achieve Bluetooth and GPS shielding.