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Nowadays, WiFi networks are everywhere, everywhere. However, the radiation generated by WiFi signals has serious harm to people's bodies. In severe cases, it even affects insomnia, body and mind depression. Installing Portable wifi bands scrambler at home can cut off the surrounding WiFi network and effectively block wireless signals.

When you are at home, you don't use the WiFi network, or you worry that the radiation generated by the WiFi network has too much impact on the body, you can use the wifi blockers products, When you need the network, you are worried about being affected by the network. You can turn on the wifi jammer to shield the signal.

portable wireless signal jammers
Portable Hand-held GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

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Desktop High Power GSM 3G 4G 5G Jammer Blocking WiFi GPS Lojack


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Desktop Wireless CDMA900 WIFI 2.4G 5.8G Drone Signal Jammer

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