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WIFI Frequency Signal Disruptors Desktop

Pocket signals wlan killer is an wlan blocket that researchers have developed to shield WiFi signals, so that WiFi networks can be blocked in specific office or departmental areas, thus providing better WiFi security.

This kind of wifi jammer only blocks wlan signals of a specific frequency, and some full-power can selectively intercept mobile phones and radio broadcast signals. For some hospitals, hotels, theaters, etc., it can also be used to prevent guests from trying to use external free WiFi signals escape payment.

wireless bluetooth interceptor
Handheld Pocket Mini GPS Jammer GSM CDMA 3G WIFI Blockers

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portable wireless signal jammers
Portable Hand-held GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

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wireless bluetooth interceptor
5 Bands High Power Desktop Mobile Phone WiFi Signal Jammers Adjustable

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8 Bands Cell Phone Jammer Block 5G WIFI GPS LOJACK (5.6W)
Desktop Wireless CDMA900 WIFI 2.4G 5.8G Drone Signal Jammer

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