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The use of unsecure wireless networks can also be another source of compromising the security of sensitive information. The most important vulnerability and perhaps the most difficult to anticipate or control involves user behavior. People often think the applications have built-in security mechanisms that they make and forget about their own responsibility to keep their devices safe. Downloading applications from unsecured locations, using unsecured networks, opening texts and clicking links in emails is one of the ways that the user can compromise their own security.

To ensure that your personal information is safe - it will be better to avoid public hotspots and use a wifi jammer in one device. In this case, that bug won't just work. You have to keep in mind that your personal information is very valuable; many large companies have huge profits from selling them, that's why you have to protect them.

You may say that it is impossible, but due to the strict monitoring of Internet users, some of us may get into similar trouble. Recent research by the Wi-Fi Alliance industry group has shown that only a third of all members have tried to gain unauthorized access to someone's wireless network. And the growth in smartphone users that can be used for hackers and the weaknesses of WiFi encryption protocols can keep statistics from getting worse.