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How to scramble a gps tracker

Washington-The manufacturers of precision guided munitions no longer believe that simple GPS guidance systems can always work by themselves. Jammers and deception devices threaten the future battlefield. The manufacturer has noticed the threat and responded.

The military and its industrial partners have various means that are being developed to ensure that bombs hit their targets. This means redundant target systems such as viewfinders aimed at GPS jammer, laser guidance systems or camera-based navigation.

The reality of the threat is not a secret. In 2011, North Korea blocked South Korea’s GPS signals and reportedly used a Russian-made jamming device capable of jamming guided weapons. In the same year, Iran crashed and captured the RQ-170 outpost drone. He claimed to forge GPS data and redirect the drone to land in Iran.

In short, jammers will emit noise, making nearby GPS receivers (relying on weak signals from distant satellites) overwhelmed and losing the actual GPS signal. If the precision-guided bomb loses its lock one minute before hitting the target, the result can be disastrous.

Rockwell Collins (Rockwell Collins) navigation system marketing manager Al Simon (Al Simon) said: "I need to maintain a lock on all actions-all actions including final actions." He has integrated more than 225,000 The staff deployed the GPS anti-jamming system, the US military's intelligent weapon joint direct attack ammunition (JDAM).