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Gps disruptor app

With the continuous development of new innovations, GPS tracking technology is emerging. With the popularity of smartphones and IoT devices, it is possible to track each location, online search, websites visited, and goods purchased. Although many people are willing to share their position for good reasons, there is another group of people who want to hide their position.

A GPS jammer is a device that hides whereabouts by sending radio signals at the same frequency as the GPS device. In this case, the GPS device cannot determine its location due to interference.

The GPS jamming unit itself is usually a small independent transmitter, which generates 1575.42 MHz jamming signals within a radius of 5 to 10 meters.

Usually, the user inserts the jammer into the cigarette lighter and then places the device close enough to the GPS tracker to interfere with GPS satellite signals. After being turned on, they can operate normally in less than 20 seconds. Due to the low power and short startup time, the jammer can only be used when needed. Criminals will take them out as soon as possible to avoid detection. These jammers can be purchased cheaply on the Internet for less than $100.