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According to a US-based researcher, the signal that has disrupted satellite navigation for planes flying through Israeli airspace in recent weeks comes from a Russian air force base in Syria.

This interference with the reception of the Global Positioning System does not appear to be specifically aimed at Israel, but the Jewish state is likely to be collateral damage as Moscow tries to protect its troops from drone attacks and assert its dominance in the field of electronics Todd Humphreys, Professor at the University of Texas, told The Times of Israel.

Israeli sources "are increasingly convinced" that three weeks of GPS jammer for civilian flights are a side effect of Russian interference and spoofing in Syria, Breaking Defense reported. "Moscow is trying to interfere with both Western aircraft - including state-of-the-art secret F-22 and F-35 - and improvised terrorist drones."

The US Air Force, which will take off in April 2019, has dispatched F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, respectively, to strengthen the armed forces, while Washington, following the decision of the US President Donald Trump clashes with Tehran unilaterally for the United States to withdraw from the agreement to limit Iran's nuclear program.