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Gps detectors and scramblers

Keeping the 24 satellites of GPS (Global Positioning System) running has a higher reputation than finding the nearest gas station. From ground missions to missile systems and more, the military relies on GPS. Soldiers are so obsessed with GPS that military personnel and the authorities warn that GPS may become a single risk of failure. If the system fails, the armed forces will regularly conduct exercises without GPS. The reliance of GPS in the lives of citizens around the world is beyond our understanding.

Although these 24 satellites may fail due to a variety of technical reasons, there is concern that enemy technology may prevent opponents from accessing GPS. This attack will affect critical applications in civilian infrastructure (power and ATM networks are based on GPS) and will severely disrupt military operations.

In recent years, a team from the Aerospace Communication System Implementation Department has developed BLISS technology to intercept interfering signals that may interfere with GPS reception. Since the power of GPS signals on the earth is very low, the GPS signals received by users on the ground are very susceptible to interference. On the battlefield, the enemy may intentionally interfere with GPS to prevent combatants from knowing their location. In China, there are several well-documented cases where GPS jammer purchased via the Internet are used to reject location information. In particular, personal protective jammers, although illegal, are still easy to obtain and have been used to bypass GPS tracking technology.