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Is it possible to miniaturize high-power wifi signal jammers?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-15

When implementing a signal shielding project in an outdoor open area, it is necessary to select a high-power wifi signal jammer to achieve a relatively ideal signal coverage effect. However, when the customer installs a high-power wifi jammer device, he feels the appearance size and shape of the host and antenna of the shielding device. They are larger, and thus require: Can they be miniaturized?

If the high-power signal jammer is miniaturized, the first advantage is that it can be easily handled and installed, and the second advantage is that the wifi frequency jammer will not be too obtrusive and conspicuous after installation, which is convenient for concealed use. It is precisely for this purpose that customers demand miniaturization.

However, the reality is not so completely in line with the psychological expectations of customers. In recent years, as a manufacturer of high-power wifi signal jammer, we have further optimized the appearance and size of some models of shielding equipment. High-power interference modules require rapid heat dissipation, and the main way to improve heat dissipation efficiency is to provide a sufficient volume of radiators, or to provide a sufficiently efficient ventilation and circulation system. The consequent result must be the increase of the weight of the high-power signal isolator and the increase of the appearance size.

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With the continuous increase of various mobile phone systems and communication frequency bands, in order to ensure the shielding effect of signal jammer, several frequency band modules have to be added to each device in recent years, which will bring more power consumption. , for the same reason, the equipment is also required to provide a larger installation space.

If the transmitting antenna of the high-power signal shield is a directional antenna, it is difficult to make the size of the directional antenna smaller because of the signal coverage angle and the carrying power of at least 50-100W. Replacing a directional antenna with a rod-type omnidirectional antenna will greatly reduce the appearance size.

Finally, make a summary: the miniaturization of high-power wireless wifi bluetooth jammer requires that all technical parameters remain unchanged, there is not much room for reduction in weight and size. If you want to greatly reduce the weight of shielding equipment and reduce the appearance size, you can only make trade-offs at the expense of certain technical indicators. For example: reduce individual unnecessary frequency band modules, select shielding modules with medium transmit power, etc. Of course, the consequent result must be that the coverage will be correspondingly reduced a lot.

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