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Africa News Agency directly reported a raid on Johannesburg Central Prison in December and found that there were many mobile phones in the prison cells, including various contraband such as dangerous weapons and drugs.

Cope spokesperson Dennis Bloem said the party has reliably learned that owning a cell phone in prison is a profitable proposition because prisoners can communicate freely with the outside world.

The use of mobile phones enables criminal groups and drug dealers to engage in illegal activities in prison cells.

He said: "The large number of mobile phones in our prisons is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no doubt that mobile phones can be found in all prisons."

"We cannot understand why it is difficult for the calibration service department to install this technology."

"The use of mobile phones by prisoners has great potential, allowing criminals to use it to attack witnesses, victims, community managers, and even law enforcement and judicial personnel. Dismantling or locking mobile phones is vital to the welfare of society.

Bloom said that Popular Science will request an emergency meeting with Justice and Attorney General Michael Masutha on the matter.

In a speech by the President on the state of the country in 2016, for security reasons, the Ministry of National Security activated a GSM jammer in Congress, which prevented the media from reporting on the National Assembly because the country blocked mobile phone and Internet signals.