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A student said online that her school, the Central Information Institute of Tianjin University of Technology, installed a GSM jammer in each classroom to allow students to listen closely. For each class that becomes an isolated island, teach building the hallway from time to time by visiting the teacher.

To this end, the reporter immediately contacted the school, grateful, said the school's decision was to allow students to concentrate to listen well, with regard to the management effect, also need to a period of investigation and argument.

Then the reporter also got the school to respond, dealing with the problem made teacher cui, said that schools in the installation shielding device, there are still a lot of problems to be investigated, "the school is professional consultation with the department, to explore blockers can lead to problems, so these two days can be to cleanse the classroom environment of an attempt to manage school education, and without conclusion. ”The teacher of Cui admitted that while most students can understand the original intention of the school, there are still a few that are difficult to come to terms with, and schools can only temporarily return to rely on the traditional method. management of teachers' classes.