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Cell gsm scrambler kit

On the Internet, public opinion is most concerned about the radiation problem of mobile phone GSM jammer. In this regard, the reporter extensively interviewed relevant experts. According to a professional who is engaged in the production of mobile phone signal jammers, jammers are also distinguished by their advantages and disadvantages. Some poor quality jammers rely on large signals to block mobile phone signals, which will definitely affect human health. "According to national standards, in a normal working environment, the signal strength cannot exceed 24 microvolts per square meter, and in a living environment, it cannot exceed 12 microvolts per square meter. Some low-quality mobile phone signal jammers emit 40 microvolts per square meter. Some people feel sensitive to micro-volt signals and will react strongly to the intensity of these signals.

So does the super-powered shielding device cause people to have symptoms such as "inability to concentrate, headache, and stuttering"? Yang Chun explained that different people have different levels of radiation. Some people may have symptoms, and some may have no symptoms. "Moreover, at present, what kind of harm an excessive amount of radiation will bring to people has not been determined. "