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How to stop phone gsm signal

It is reported that with the continuous and meticulous hierarchical management of prisons in the public security supervision system, many prisons are now gradually opening to the public and accepting social supervision. At this time, the focus of the prison’s work has now become "equal management and standardization". The direction of "management" has shifted, and each prison has begun to use information construction as a means and scientific discipline as the goal, creating a new mode of domestic prison management. At this time, the application of high-power gsm jammer is essential.

Prison is an inseparable and important part of the prison, and it is the part of key management and protection. In order to achieve scientific management, the prison must implement a 24-hour mobile phone signal shielding system, so mobile phone signal shielding must be installed. Taking into account the large building area of ​​the prison and high regulatory requirements, it is necessary to use high-power signal jammers. Due to the relatively large power, the shielding range of this type of shielding device is relatively wide. It can be achieved that all mobile phones within the specified range cannot be called, let alone accessed, but it can ensure that the signal of mobile phones outside this area is not interfered. The important thing is that this type of jammer adopts a dedicated bimetal industrial switching power supply, which can guarantee its continuous and uninterrupted operation for more than 3 years. During this time, as long as the mobile operator increases the channel, the manufacturer can also increase the signal jammer. The corresponding module realizes the upgrade of the shielding function, which is very practical.