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According to a statement from the Ministry of Industry and Industry, the Ministry of Industry and Industry, the Ministry of Industry and Industry said on Friday that it supports the decision of the telecommunications regulator to allow the installation of GSM jammer in theaters. However, the Minister pointed out that emergency telephone services and calls outside theaters and other venues should not be affected.

The president of the French National Film Federation said that the measure is a response to the "long-term demand" of cinemas across the country. He told Radio France that the cinema had invested a lot of money in the convenience of the cinema. He said: "The decision to approve the phone jammer will be the icing on the cake."

In addition to basketball, one thing that makes me happier than a pig in the mud is to be able to watch a movie in the theater, and a big bucket of popcorn can be seen between the audience and the audience (like that analogy). This is a rare hour and a half when I can escape the real world and immerse myself in the imagination of others. It allowed me to focus on the world of directors they created, which forced me to quit the technology without pressing the pause button to check emails. I concentrated; until someone succumbed to her impulse and lashed out at her phone.