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It is very troublesome for car gps disruptor to fall into the hands of thieves

Regarding the relationship between the thief and the car GPS jammer. GPS jammer will become a vehicle for stealing cars and think they are both useful and dangerous. And you know that many other countries also prohibit the use of other jammers. Before using jammers, it is important to know that your country does not allow the use of jammers, because we know that such devices may be dangerous. If the authorities catch you, you will have a little trouble.

For jammers, they are easily available. Even if you live in a country that prohibits the use of shielded devices, you can buy car GPS disruptors directly online. This is one of the main reasons for thieves, especially car thieves. Imagine the following situation: You are driving a relatively new car with an integrated GPS system. Of course, you know that even if the vehicle is stolen, you can easily track it using the GPS system. You know not only thieves, but also because they don’t buy GPS disruptors.

Once they have obtained the device and stole your car, they just need to open it. Your car will disappear from the map. This is not a permanent measure-these thieves can open the car in their garage, where they can disassemble and remove the integrated GPS tracker. After that, there is no chance to follow the car. So, if you want to know why governments should prohibit the use of blocking technologies in most countries, you can now understand the main reasons. So be careful, because you know they are not as safe as you think, and they require cars and GPS.

car obd signal gps jammer
Car OBD jammer GPS, Beidou signal shielding instrument

Please read the instructions carefully before using, so as to install correctly and use quickly. The color of the product should be based on the real object.This product shields the GPS/ Beidou satellite signal, and does not affect the transmission of other signals,Mainly guard against tracking and positioning, protect your personal privacy and security.


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vehicle gps jammer anti-tracking
Handheld Vehicle GPS Anti-tracking Disruptor WiFi 2G/3G/4G

This handheld 8-band mobile phone jammer uses a battery and charging design with a built-in Ni-MH battery of 4700mAH. It can interfere with 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, LOJACK and WIFI wireless signals, and the maximum interference radius is 20 meters.


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