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How drone jammers work?

Admin Posted on 2022-07-27

We all know that drones are a new product in recent years. Before, most drones were used in military, agriculture, security and other national security levels, and they also made great contributions. However, with the development of drone technology and the rise of some technology companies, the price of drones has also reached the "everything" that the public can consume. Therefore, drones have also entered many civilian households, and they have also emerged. A lot of drone enthusiasts. Indeed, drones can bring some people the pleasure of shooting, and it is really cool to immerse yourself in the feeling of overlooking from a high place.

portable drone jammer

I believe that everyone has some knowledge about drones, such as aerial photography videos on various websites, and many drone flight performances at parties, some traffic police surveying road conditions, and even some unmanned parks and tourist areas. Shooting for camera enthusiasts. Unconsciously, drones have entered our lives, and its market is still expanding. I believe that this "big toy" will enter thousands of families in the future. It is common and changes some of our way of life.

Do you know what impact it will bring to our lives?

First of all, the sky is not a place outside the law. We are human beings, and we are not able to run wild like birds. Although we have our own aircraft, we cannot "free" ourselves and act recklessly. Many friends may know that some airports in China have been delayed and forced to land because of the interference of drones. It will affect thousands of people who travel, and once an accident occurs, it will be a big loss. This is just one aspect. There are still some criminals who use drones to fly into the no-fly zone and shoot illegal videos for profit. Some drones fly into examination rooms, government offices, and some festival party sites to disrupt order and give This society has brought bad influence. It is because of the frequent occurrence of these things that another product has appeared, that is, the "drone jammer". The appearance of the drone jammer has indeed brought about individuals, enterprises and units that are disturbed by drones. countermeasures.

Let's talk about the working principle of the drone jammer:

First of all, the work of the drone needs two aspects. One is between the human and the drone. The human will transmit a remote control signal to the drone, and the drone will transmit the image signal to the human. There are two signals in between. , (2.4G and 5.8G). Then, it is between the drone and the GPS positioning. We all know that the drone without satellite positioning will be like a blind man. There is another signal (1.5G) between the drone and the satellite. Through these three The signal can realize the control of the drone, which is beautiful. (The 1.5G band is used for satellite positioning, the 2.4G band is used for image and video backhaul, and the 5.8G band is used for remote control.)

Then there is the working principle of the signal drone jammer. Don't you rely on several frequency bands to control the drone? Then I will interrupt your signal between these frequency bands.

I interrupted your signal connection with the satellite navigation, and you were at a loss. How should you go and where should you go? You can't return home, you can only use your superb flying skills to go back by hand.

If I interrupt your remote control and image return signal, the operator will be stunned, lose control of the beloved object, can no longer fly freely, and can't see or touch, will he be afraid? Will it be circled. At this time, the drone relies on its own brain, and I can only choose to go home by myself, or wait in place, or simply stop flying, so I stop and rest.

If I interrupt all the signals between you, then I will not be able to go home. I can only hover in place or make a forced landing, child, where are you?

These are the general working principles of portable drone jammer. I believe everyone has a little understanding. I hope these can help everyone.

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