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The best choice for handheld cell phone signal and GPS blocker

Admin Posted on 2022-07-11

Would you come up with ideas to protect yourself if you found out that you had a tracking device near you? Of course, the answer is yes, and it is really needed. So, you know what kind of tracking devices are used to track people these days, if you search the internet, then you will find GPS signal tracking devices and cell phone signal tracking devices in use now, if you are wondering about devices known as cell phone jammer and GPS jammer , and can help you avoid tracking, then it's worth stopping and looking at the details and then you'll clearly make the best choice.


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For some people, if they only need to use signal shielding devices in fixed places, and the requirements for shielding distance and other aspects are very high, then they are better to choose desktop signal shielding devices, but for those who need to use external signal shielding and want to bring their jammers, when they are outside, no doubt they should use a handheld jammer, just here you will learn the details of a handheld GPS cell phone jammer that can help you get rid of track.

Jammers work in much the same way online denial-of-service attacks on websites do – transmitting a signal on the same frequency as mobile phone calls in the area.

“In layman’s terms, they basically just interrupt the signals in the area,” Mislan said. “They are a louder signal, if you will, than anything else in the area. As a phone tries to connect to a tower, it can’t because there’s this other noise, if you will, in the way.”

Under federal law, illegally using a jammer can result in jail time and fines up to $16,000.

So, if they’re illegal and potentially harmful, why is it so easy to find a jammer online?

“It’s the Internet. I can buy anything I want, anywhere at any time,” Mislan said. “Unfortunately, it’s all about the dollar.”

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