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Drone jammers that can also be used in US-Russian warfare

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

Although it is unlikely that the U.S. military will deliberately attack the Russian armed forces in Syria, this situation shows the importance of stopping enemy air defenses. An important strategy that the US Air Force has long relied on is that radar satellite systems or enemy radar equipment are full of "noise" and false signals that prevent them from tracking and launching friendly aircraft. Despite the improvement of enemy radar capabilities, the US Navy has relied on the ALQ-99 jamming system for nearly half a century. However, at the beginning of the next decade, it will begin to deploy the next generation of advanced high-power drone jammers with superior electronic attack and signal intelligence capabilities.

What can Duke do? Used widely by the Army and Marine Corps, Duke started out as a low-power, GPS jammer that prevented radio-controlled bombs from exploding on the roadside. (CREW is a nested abbreviation for Counter-RCIED (radio-controlled improvised explosive device) electronic warfare). However, Duke has evolved into a more sophisticated system capable of detecting and interfering with various signals, from mobile phones to enemy drone control connections, as tested in a joint Black Dart experiment.

NBC News quoted four sources from the Pentagon and reported that the disease started a few weeks ago. It began shortly after the Syrian regime allegedly launched a chemical attack in the rebel Guta area. According to reports, the Russian army has been worried that the U.S. military will retaliate against the use of chemical weapons and congested drones to prevent the U.S. military from collecting information. Low-cost aircraft maker Raytheon Company has updated the jammer version for the past two years. The platform, called MALD-J, is said to include electronic warfare capabilities as part of a $ 34.8 million demonstration project for MALD-X.

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