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What is the appropriate interference distance of the drone scrambler?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-02

In recent years, due to the crazy rise of the UAV market, the widespread application of civilian UAVs and even indiscriminate use have posed a serious security threat to many important units and confidential places. drone signal jammer are used as UAV defense. It is an important tool that has been relied on and recognized by many customers. However, in the process of purchasing drone scrambler, some people are very concerned about the interference distance. So, how long is the interference distance of anti-drone jamming guns? Isn't the bigger the interference distance, the better?

drone scrambler

In fact, if you are a customer who has used anti-drone jamming guns, you will have a profound experience and answer to this question. The larger the jamming distance is, the better. According to the actual application scenarios and functional requirements, anti-drone The interference distance of the jamming gun is theoretically required to reach 1000 meters. In actual combat applications, it can definitely meet the application if it can reach 500 meters.

Why is it said that it is enough to reach 500 meters in actual combat?

This is because when using the drone signal jammer, it is not blindly turned on the sky and used. But after the user finds the target of the drone, he will handheld drone jammer and face the general direction of the drone's attack, and then turn on the switch of the drive away or forced landing mode. So, at what distance can a user detect or identify an incoming drone?

Under normal circumstances, ordinary people observe the sky with the naked eye, and the distance at which the drone can be found by the naked eye is actually very short, only 200-300 meters. Some people with particularly good eyesight, even if they keep staring at the drone, The maximum distance that can be seen is 500 meters. Therefore, we set the jamming distance of the anti-drone jamming gun to 1000 meters to maintain a sufficient margin.

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