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Why can a car GPS blocker block cell phone signals?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-04

The original car GPS blockers was just a "crooked", plugged directly into the cigarette lighter, and when the car started, there was power supply, which could block the GPS signal.

Later, it evolved into GPS jammers with 1 antenna. In addition to being able to be charged and used in the car, it also has its own lithium battery, which can also work normally for a period of time depending on its own power.

GPS blockers

Going a step further is a gps scrambler with two antennas, and the two antennas shield the GPS frequency band and the Beidou frequency band respectively.
The above are pure car GPS signal blocker, and do not block mobile phone signals.But on this basis, there are three-antenna, four-antenna, six-antenna, and eight-antenna handheld car GPS signal blockers. In addition to GPS frequency bands, it can also block 2G3G4G and WiFi signals, making it more powerful.

Of course, in today's market, three or four antennas are relatively rare. Except for pure GPS jammers with two antennas, machines with six antennas and eight antennas have become the mainstream.
Please note that these GPS jammers above are hand-held, relatively small, and have their own lithium battery, which can work for several hours even in a power-off state. You can even carry six-antenna or eight-antenna shields with you to block out the influence of external signals when negotiating in some private situations - this is because they can block mobile phone and WiFi signals.

Finally, in addition to these handheld GPS signal jammers, there is also a larger and more powerful desktop GPS jammer with 8 or 9 antennas for full coverage of GPS signals and mobile phone signals. It does not carry a lithium battery itself, and relies entirely on charging to work. It can be connected to 220V AC power in the parking lot or connected to a 12V power supply in the car.

This device also has an adjustable knob, which can block only GPS signals or cell phone signals according to the needs of use.

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