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Gsm signal blocker ideal tool block phone use in small space

Admin Posted on 2020-01-02

GSM jammer is very effective to prevent mobile phone, WiFi data transmission and Bluetooth signal. Ideal for school classrooms, trains, cafes and other small spaces. After turning on the GSM jammers, all mobile phones within the smart phone's electromagnetic wave protection range will be disturbed within 2-5 seconds. Compared with conventional equipment, it has advanced features and specifications. When leaving the interference area, the phone will regain the full signal within seconds.

Jammers can easily prevent your phone from working. Bring the jammer home and put it in a handbag or pocket. Do you know how a simple classroom phone jammer works? Therefore, you do not have to worry about yourself or others being at risk when using a gsm shield.

Answering the phone while driving will distract the driver. With the portable design, you can take it with you, which is simple, convenient and safe. People's awareness of the invasive and destructive mobile phones introduced in life is increasing, and the demand for smart phone electromagnetic wave covers for feature phones is also increasing. Sometimes used for military purposes, it's easy to buy quality GSM signal blockers.

GSM blocker to jam cellphone signal in specific range
GSM signal jammer developed for military use