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GSM signal jammer developed for military use

Admin Posted on 2020-01-02

Satellite jammers operate at military bases. In order to prevent communication, please send the interference signal to the frequency where the communication occurs. Therefore, the development of the GSM jammers is constantly developing, and it seems to have a prospect in practical use. We further improve interference technology. We aim to implement powerful high-tech equipment. We look forward to improving the jamming capabilities and performance of new military jammers. Can cause jams in all supported frequency bands, establishing a technical advantage, and interference due to weak radio waves.

Interfering with mobile phones and smartphones in the interference range. You cannot make calls within this range. Built-in dedicated lithium-ion charging ground, can be charged from the socket, you can prevent unnecessary calls. When strict protection of confidential information and personal data is required, communication with the outside world can be cut off and information leakage can be prevented. The gsm signal jammer will transmit at the same radio frequency as the cell phone and interrupt the communication between the cell phone tower phone and the cell phone base station.

There are signal jammers developed for the military. Complex GPS jammers may block different networks. The effective range will block power strength and interference signals, which can disable the tracking equipment in the car. Mobile phones in the area of ​​telephone interference equipment emit radio waves and send their location information to the nearest base station as usual.

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