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While using signal jammer differ from the description

Admin Posted on 2020-02-26

Why is the range and characteristics described by the product different from the actual working time of the jammer? The range of signal shields related to the protection of strong electric fields (distance between related communication stations). Generally, it is 200 meters high. Vendors are testing that in general, the signal shield will be a little out of reach.

Is the radiation produced by signal jammers harmful to human health? Regarding radiation, we know that as long as electronic products have large and small radiation. Any piece of electrical equipment has radiation. The rest of our mobile phone signal shielding is far below the national standard, and it is not calculated in the ear every day, so it is almost harmless to the human body.

Why are some phones not protected by a signal jammer? The signal emitted in the test room is uneven and may have weak points, so the shielding effect in these places is different. Similarly, the sensitivity of the handset is different. You can protect the signal frequency, and the frequency of the phone is not in the band filter.

When answering a call, the phone signal is still displayed. In fact, this illusion is that the phone is in offline mode. The signal interference device we use prevents any mobile phone from contacting the outside world. The jammer itself will generate a lot of heat caused by fever, which will naturally interfere The effect is short, it is recommended not to keep the jammer working.

While using signal jammer differ from the description
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