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Car GPS terminal equipment comprehensive introduction

Admin Posted on 2019-11-14

In the long-term development and implementation of logistics and transportation enterprise information management system, in the deep exchange with nearly 100 different types and sizes of logistics and transportation enterprises, logistics and transportation enterprises must survive in the increasingly cruel logistics and transportation market. Constantly improve our management ability, we must constantly stand on the perspective of customers (that is, the owner of the goods), and constantly explore how we can better meet their needs.

What we see is that the vehicle terminal A01 is a GPS terminal device installed on a silver-built taxi. After the terminal device is installed, the service platform can be serviced. The construction of the whole machine is relatively simple, and it is very convenient to install from the appearance.

The appearance is like a black box. The whole machine is divided into a GPS host, a car display pager, a GPS antenna, a CDMA network antenna and a power supply. The simple structure makes the installation very convenient. As an input and output device, it can display relevant information published by the platform and can talk to the platform. A microphone is also installed in the car to enable the driver to avoid listening when driving.

When the service platform receives the corresponding car service, it will pass the information to the car terminal. When the empty taxi driver sees the corresponding information, he can choose whether to call, and then the detailed information will be transmitted to the car. The driver can find the corresponding customer based on the information.

As can be seen from the above, the whole set of equipment is not complicated, but the function is completely different from the car navigation device we generally use. Through the steps of message release and confirmation message, a bridge is formed between the passenger and the driver, so that the taxi service is only Realize the service concept of on-call and on-going.

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