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Since the 1990s, the Internet and mobile communications industries have become the two fastest-growing areas of the information industry, which have directly affected the lives of hundreds of millions of people. It can help people get all kinds of information they want to know. Mobile communication can help people to connect with anyone at any time, any place.

In some private or public places that need to be quiet, such as conference rooms, churches, theaters, etc., it is necessary to keep quiet, which helps keep information confidential and maintain the holiness of the church. Wifi jammer is a signal disruptor device specifically for the WiFi frequency band, and it can also block mobile phone signals. It is the best product for some confidential places, quiet places, and confidential bases.

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Portable Hand-held GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

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5 Bands High Power Desktop Mobile Phone WiFi Signal Jammers Adjustable

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