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Many people often encounter full cell phone signals when surfing the Internet, but the network speed suddenly slows down or becomes stuck. In addition to the possibility that the wireless network environment is complicated and the channel is congested, other people ’s Internet connection is also one of the important factors. How do you prevent others from going online?

One of the main causes of mobile phone interference is the proliferation of free 2.4GHz. We currently use the WiFi 2.54 band. 2.4GHz refers to the 2.4 to 2.4835GHz band defined by the Federal Communications Commission in the ISM band. Free frequency bands reserved for industrial, scientific and medical use without any restrictions on use.

Therefore, we only need to intercept the 2.4G frequency band of the WiFi signal to effectively shield the WiFi network. You can choose to buy a wifi jammer. At present, almost all WiFi signal interceptors on the market can notonly intercept WiFi networks but also block mobile phone signals at the same time.

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