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The impact of placing a high-power wifi jammer in the car?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-18

Does placing a high-power signal jammer in the car have a great impact on shielding mobile phone signals?

If you want to make the high-power wifi signal jammer into a car mode, and put the high-power screen meter inside the car, will it have a great impact on shielding the mobile phone signal? First of all, it must be distinguished. If only the main unit of the high-power wifi signal jammer is placed in the car, it is ok, but the antenna of the high-power wifi frequency jammer must be placed on the roof (outside the car).

If the antenna of the high-power signal jammer is set up in the car, the metal car material will repeatedly reflect and refract the signal in the car, which will greatly reduce the effect and scope of shielding the mobile phone signal to the outside world.

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In addition, the bigger impact is the impact on the driver and passengers. The antenna of the high-power signal jammer emits high-power radio frequency signals. The antenna is installed outside the car body. The metal material of the car body can block the error signal and the error signal to a great extent. Electromagnetic radiation, even if it is used for a long time, has almost negligible impact on people, but if it is placed in the car, the impact will be severe. We have had clients before, experienced and tested them firsthand. As a result, after 40 minutes, he himself said that his eyes were blurry and his head was a little swollen.

Therefore, we strongly require that the antenna of the high-power wifi jammer device must be installed on the roof (outside the car) and the host of the shielding device. It can be installed in the car and connected to the external antenna through the RF feeder.

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