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Anti wifi jammer scrambler

Jammer mart is specially designed for families and children who are addicted to games. They can't extricate themselves from playing games on the Internet. They develop a network signal blocker. Just put it in the room that needs to be blocked, and you can search within 20-100 square meters of space without any surrounding wireless network, or wireless wifi, so that it cannot connect to the Internet to play games, so as to have more time to study and play with the family. There is no physical impact on children and their families. wifi jammer anti wifi scrambler to prevent Internet access.

Our wifi blockers adopt high-quality baking paint technology and adopt pure copper connector, the signal is not attenuated, is stable, and efficient, a variety of signal frequency band shielding options, each frequency band works independently, and the coverage area is large. The aluminum shell dissipates heat and supports long-term work.