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Wifi jammer scrambler detector

Is there any way to not only help children not addicted to playing mobile phones, protect their eyesight health, but also accompany their children to study together in their spare time, so as to increase the emotional density between parents and children? The wifi jammercan meet the needs of all parents, quietly put it in the child's room to block the wireless network, and WIFI signal, this area can no longer be connected to the network, so there is more time to accompany and study, without affecting the child's sleep, after radiation detection, Environmental protection does not affect the health of children.

Wifi blocker features

Using the new original imported chip, the quality is guaranteed.
Pure aluminum plate aluminum shell heat dissipation, more stable and efficient performance, built-in large-capacity polymer battery, portable, compact, easy to carry and use.
Scope of application: Ideal for use in homes, conference rooms, churches, factory workshops, libraries, etc.