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5ghz wifi jammer scrambler diy

There are many devices that operate in the 5gHz range, for example; phones, Bluetooth, WiFi, car alarms, and microwave ovens, and with this project, we will be able to measure and display these values. Finding distractions is usually not very difficult. Products that act as spectrum analyzers and use a standard USB interface to connect to a laptop are coming soon, meaning sources of interference can easily be used with antennas to find interference.
Microwave ovens, old-fashioned cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, or various other wireless devices can be used to block wireless signals in the wireless frequency range up to 2.4 GHz. If it's marked with a flashing number, it should be able to interfere with nearby wireless networks in adjacent ISM bands.

Wifi jammer block all WiFi connections on the Internet, preventing devices from connecting to 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth networks. You can do jamming on your phone with any number of electronic devices. These devices may not be sold, purchased, or used without proper certification. The second method will be used to generate a WiFi hotspot whitelist. Downloads, infected USB drives, and malicious applications can all infect your PC and change your network and browser settings. You can use this 5g wifi signal jammer to help you block many wireless networks.